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Party goat collage illustration

1 September
Party goat collage illustration

Party goat collage illustration

So thanks to a great recommendation from my friend Claudia Wilde (yes I know she has an excellent name too), I've been maximising on the British Libraries new FREE online image resource. It's amazing. I spent hours looking through, travelling through a world history from the past few hundred years by way of illustrations. The range is incredible and really I don't imagine where else you could find some of these images. I'm going to work on another design based on some of the exotic costume design illustrations. They're making me want to get in the studio and make some fancy outfit and festival season is basically over! I saw this goat and he had such a nice expression, I thought he or she needed some pimping party style quick smart. This is the fabulous result.

Anyway.... thank you British Library for sharing.

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