sketch work

30 January

Sketch work graphic design.

Last summer I did a lot of sitting in parks and sketching and reading. This was actually in Hackney Marshes. One of the places closest to my heart. Nobody goes there! It’s so lovely and massive. It’s the only part of london that has never changed. It’s just as it was before London was ever here (well except for the railway lines and cricket pitches).


sketch work graphic design

Mixed media framed art I designed

28 January

Mixed media framed art I designed

Mixed media framed art.

As well as graphic design, I also make all sorts of things, headdresses, fascinators, festival capes and hoods, pictures, greeting cards, christmas wreaths. I love making things. I find it therapeutic and enjoy complete creative freedom. Going to burning man festival was great for my crafting. I started by making a headdress out of a rams scull I found on a long Scotish walk. That was 2 years ago and since then I have made 100s of things since then. I’ve sold many of them and made a lot for friends. It’s so much fun to use my hands making things after mainly doing most of my design on the computer, apart from sketching.

Neon Typography experiment

22 January

YES to interior design

I’ve always wanted a neon sign. Originally I wanted it to say DISCOVERY. Then I changed my mind. YES is the vibe I want to share. It looks fabulous sitting over the old polish barn window framing Johny Dawson-Ellis’s Zebra painting.

YES sign on old window frame

A tissue fringe picture I designed

12 January

I saw some tissue fringe somewhere and thought it would look good if there were more of it and layered, so I tried it. My boyfriend added the lights and a fan underneath and it really works! It’s not going to last forever. Great party decoration.

Tassel picture I designed and produced

I love Instagram

7 January

Instagram for my other design meanderings

I only recently joined Instagram, which is silly really as it’s totally my kind of format. My mind works in images and I love collecting and sharing things. It’s also the sort of medium that welcomes more arty left-field photography without anyone accusing you of being too trendy. My favourite autumn past time has been making still life set ups and putting a lovely instagram filter over the top.

I helped my dad one weekend before christmas by climbing his hazel tree to cut down some branches. I cut one down with a little empty birds nest in. I used the branches to make a wreath for Christmas. I couldn’t resist making a little moss and hazel nests around it with a fig and flower from the garden to finish it off.

Moss and hazel birds nest I made

I quite my photoshoot fiddling and added ivy and some berries to the wreath, put the nest in there and hung it on the front door. Pretty good for garden waste.

christmas wreath with birds nest

christmas wreath with birds nest

Moss and hazel birds nest I made

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