Illustration - Client : Ink Birds Repeat Pattern Wallpaper

freelance-graphic-designer-london-pattern design wallpaper

graphic-designer-london-pattern design wallpaper

This is a pattern design I created from an illustration I made in London. It’s a collage of vintage botanical graphics, graph paper, ink drawings I made and some graphic shapes made in illustrator. The pattern was tiled in Illustrator to create this pattern for a wallpaper. I love the colours and textures. There’s some bird feathers in there from a Moonpig card I created years ago. Graphic Designer London pattern design. It’s good to re-use elements in designs, especially in pattern designs. They’re barely recognisable in their new form and it’s nice to give an old design a new lease of life. I’m hoping to get this pattern made into a textile design.

There’s more pattern designs I’ve created here in my portfolio. This pattern design is one of my favourites. It’s made from several photos I took along with some insects and great imagery that I have been collecting over the years.

Graphic Designer London

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